Requirements for presenters

Information for Workshop Organizers and Speakers

The moderator plays the key role at the event (workshop, roundtable, master class or training). He is supposed to know the subject well, to have good communication and audience management skills, to maintain close contact with members of the Organizing Committee and the Program Committee.

Section / Roundtable Moderator:

  • Opens and closes the event;
  • Gives the floor to speakers (or discussion participants) and introduces them;
  • Keeps a close eye on the time limit. If the speaker is running out of time, the moderator should hurry him/her up or even stop him/her in a polite but insisting manner, e.g.: ‘Two minutes left’, ‘Your time is up’;
  • Makes sure the speech has no advertising content (i.e. it is not a presentation of goods or services). Otherwise the moderator immediately stops the speaker and withdraws his speech;
  • Manages the discussions, pays special attention to those speaking from the floor reminding them to introduce themselves and informing them about regulations, e.g.: ‘Please introduce yourself’, ‘A brief question and a brief answer, please’, ‘You are digressing’, ‘What is your question and who is it addressed to?’, ‘Your speech has advertising content; you are requested to finish’, ‘Your comment is not to the point’, ‘What is your constructive proposal?’, ‘What exactly is your question to the speaker or roundtable members?’, ‘Colleagues, a brief question and a brief answer, please’, ‘One minute for the comment from the floor’, etc.;
  • If the speech provokes no questions or comments from the floor, the moderator can ask questions himself, thus initiating a discussion;
  • Maintains close contact with the technician (administrator) responsible for providing sound and projecting presentations; passes him in advance the list of websites that must be displayed at certain moments — if necessary;
  • Helps the Organizing Committee to get in touch with the speaker the day before the event; if necessary, changes the speech order or increases the speech duration should one of the speakers be absent;
  • When the event is over, the moderator makes a brief note on the most interesting questions discussed and proposals made. Should any other final document be made following the event, Program Committee members help execute it and (if necessary) send it to whom it may concern.


  • We recommend speakers to use the 16:9 format so that their presentations are displayed correctly on hall screens and in online broadcasts;
  • The speech subject must correspond to the topic of the conference. The speaker must indicate which point of RIW 2017 Program his/her speech belongs to or offer his/her own (new) point for the Program;
  • Speech duration: 10-30 minutes;
  • Speech abstracts must be informative and correspond to the subject and the speech itself;
  • The abstract must not be under 300 symbols or over 800 symbols;
  • Speech titles and abstracts must be in literary Russian. It is not allowed to use foreign jargon terms (such as кейс (case), мерчендайзинг (merchandising), бродбэнд (broadband), дебаг (debug) and the likes). English terms can be used only if necessary. The texts of the abstracts must contain no layout characters; The texts of the abstracts must contain no layout characters;
  • Speeches that have advertising content or announce any goods or services will not be accepted. The moderator must stop such speakers, withdraw their speech and give the floor to the next speaker;
  • Your speech must be within the time limit agreed with the moderator. If a speaker exceeds the limit, the moderator takes the floor away from him/her;
  • All presentations must be made in PowerPoint and submitted to the Organizing Committee no later than one day before the speech;
  • Speech abstracts are not reviewed. If you have sent your abstracts, it automatically means your agreement to their publication on the RIW 2017 website;
  • All copyright issues are regulated by the applicable legislation;
  • If a speech abstract has been published, it does not mean it will automatically be included into the RIW 2017 Program;
  • If a registered participant wants to make a speech, he/she should send its abstract to: